Team Kapoow

We are always striving to recruit the best international content creators and streamers for our team. To ensure that our English speaking crowd will be entertained like they deserve.

Our team is a mix of personalities, some more known than others. And we are still recruiting, mainly from European countries. Get in touch if you want to join our growing team of top-level entertainers.

We are your International gaming community – Welcome to Kapoow!

Christian Brennhovd

Most known for? From TV and questionable relationships with reality tv show girls.
Dumbest thing done? Dumbest thing I’ve done is buy a bottle for 2000€ that I hardly got to drink from and miss my flight 3 times in a row.
Fav Casino: CasinoFriday
Biggest win: 8200€

Maria Sandberg

Maria Sandberg

Most known for: Snowmobile Racing
Dumbest thing done: Trusting People
Fav Casino: Fruta
Biggest Win: 3450x

Even Kvam

Most known for: The most punchable face in reality TV
Dumbest thing done: 16K phone bill on a trip to Dubai at 18
Fav Casino: Shotz
Biggest Win: Max win soon!

Even Kvam


Most known for: Double D’s
Dumbest thing done: Burning a pizza for 5 hours in the oven
Fav Casino: WeSpin on ComeOn
Biggest win? 3498€ on wanted dead or a wild

Bendik Romeo

Most known for: Party under corona and Paradise hotel
Dumbest thing done? Ended up in a flat cell 2 days in a row
Fav casino? Ready
Biggest win? 13000€



Most known for: Most knows as Frognerfrue on Twitch
Dumbest thing done: Buying a Tesla two months before prices tanked
Fav Casino: Comeon
Biggest Win: Maxwin on fruitparty 2


Most known for: Best known for my positive energy on stream
Dumbest thing done: Thought that Mo I Rana was in Iran 💁🏼‍♀️
Fav Casino: Rebellion Casino
Biggest Win: 840$ win on Hand of Anubis

Andreas Østerøy

Andreas Østerøy

Most known for: Ex on the Beach
Dumbest thing done: Slept with a guy in my parents bed, and then mom came home a day earlier and found us
Fav Casino: CasinoFriday
Biggest Win: Maxwin on Mental


Most known for: To fuck the Law of Jante
Dumbest thing done: Kick out one of the most known football teams in Norway from my NightClub
Fav Casino: Shotz (Because of the name)

Biggest Win: Biggest Win: EUR 42.000 with KlassikerenN