Kenneth Must Die

Kenneth Must Die

The somewhat crazy game developer Nolimit City loves to push the boundaries of what is acceptable to the limits. Kenneth Must Die is one of their worst (or best) creations yet, covering a wide range of controversial topics and interests! Get you gimp suit on and saddle up for a wild ride with wins worth up to 69,000x the bet.

Introduction – Kenneth Must Die

Kenneth Must Die is about as politically incorrect, blasphemous, and otherwise inappropriate as it gets – all at once. The game is centered around a multitude of different elements but is primarily focused on Kenneth and his wife. They live an ostensibly rich and happy life akin to the American dream, but behind the facade, something sketchier is brewing.

The design has similarities to Barbie and Ken, without further comparison. We also get a visit from the character Beefy Dick, another Nolimit acquaintance from the slot San Quentin. Together, they embark on a series of adventures involving BDSM and other sex-oriented activities. It’s all set to a surprisingly catchy pop song, complete with auto-tune.

It’s also worth mentioning that Kenneth Must Die introduces the ability to choose the maximum win yourself. More on that below, but unsurprisingly, the highest prize you can choose is equivalent to 69,000x your bet!

Layout, payouts, and other info

Let it be said: Kenneth Must Die is not a game for beginners. It’s not easy to follow what’s happening most of the time, but we’ll attempt to break it down as much as possible.

The gameplay takes place over 5 reels, set up with 2-4-4-4-2 rows. There are no fixed paylines, giving 480 ways to win per spin. You win by matching at least three identical symbols in a row, from the leftmost reel to the right.

The bottom row is special, featuring multipliers and split functions. When a symbol in the bottom row is part of a winning combo, the Tumble Feature is triggered – meaning winning symbols disappear and new ones drop down to replace them. This is unusual for games of this type, as the feature is usually reserved for cluster pays or Megaways slots.

The volatility is naturally «Extreme» and has received a 10/10 rating. The standard RTP clocks in at 96.04%, but can vary depending on which features you have activated. The maximum win per spin is either 69,000x or 10,000x your stake, and you decide which one you prefer.

If you choose the lower maximum win, you have a higher probability of triggering features like xHole, xNudge, and xWays.

You can bet between €0,20 and €100 per spin, but this can be increased via the xBet feature, which is activated in the lower left corner. Click on the toilet man’s light switch to turn on xBet, which increases the stake by 1.7x while drastically increasing the chances of winning free spins.

Kenneth Must Die slot features


There are so many features in Kenneth Must Die that we’ll have to focus on the most important ones. In short, the game offers multipliers, modifiers, transformations, xWays, xNudge, and xHole, as well as three versions of free spins and the option to buy them.

Big Balls Multiplier

The symbols on the special bottom row shoot in from the right. The first symbol, which ends up on the far left, gets a 1x Big Balls Multiplier. The second symbol gets a 2x, and so on. The symbols on this row also split based on their position, then count as multiple symbols. As mentioned, winning combos that include this row also cause the symbols to disappear and be replaced, which can lead to multiple wins on the same spin.

Kinky Hookup and Gimp Transformation

Among the many special symbols on this slot are Kinky Kenneth and Kinky Wife. When both lands simultaneously, all symbols between them transform into either one of them or wilds. Kenneth also appears with a gag ball in his mouth in a gimp suit made of black leather. Two or more of him on the reels simultaneously trigger a Gimp Transform, which will almost always lead to a nice payout.

xNudge Wilds and xHole

Nolimit City has developed a series of features with a lowercase x in front of them, followed by a word. xNudge Wilds are often used in their games and can also be found in Kenneth Must Die. This means that wild symbols that land partially on the reels are nudged into place. For each position they are nudged, an accompanying multiplier increases by 1x.

xHole, on the other hand, is not yet so widespread. When such a symbol lands in a middle position, it sucks in the symbols before spitting them out again. When spit out, they are split 2-8 times. An xHole can also be combined with a number of other symbols to create a wide range of different combos.

Free spins

Free spins on Kenneth Must Die come in three different versions, all with Beefy Dick in the lead role. The bonuses are triggered by landing either just Gimp symbols or these in combination with other symbols:

  • Beefy Spins: Three Gimp symbols result in 8 Beefy Spins. In this bonus, the Big Balls Multipliers does not reset, and all wilds that land become sticky. The bonus can also be upgraded to either Beefier or Beefiest.
  • Beefier Spins: Three Gimp symbols plus a Gimpier symbol give 9 Beefier Spins. These come with the same benefits as Beefy Spins but also have sticky Gimp symbols and xNudge Wilds.
  • Beefiest Spins: The ultimate free spins are won by landing three Gimp symbols and a Gimpier symbol, combined with an active xHole. You get 10 Beefiest Spins with the features from both other bonuses, plus an xHole symbol will appear at the start of each spin and suck in all other symbols first!

Nolimit City Bonus Buy

You have many options for purchasing bonuses and bonus rounds when playing Nolimit slots. There are now so many of them that they can be divided into two categories: Bonus Buys and Boosters.

Boosters are smaller bonus buys, where you pay more than usual per spin in exchange for certain guaranteed features. «Smaller» might not be the right word though, as the most expensive of them costs 588x your stake!

Nolimit Booster:

  • xBet – 1.7x stake
  • xWays – 6x stake
  • xNudge – 20x stake
  • xHole – 200x stake
  • Feature xHole – 588x stake

Nolimit Bonus Buy:

  • Beefy Spins – 65x stake
  • Beefier Spins – 240x stake
  • Beefiest Spins – 6969x stake (6469x if playing with 10,000x max win)

In addition to buying bonus rounds, there are also options like Lucky Draw or purchasing a single Beefiest Spin.

Conclusion and verdict

That just about covers it all! Even with everything we’ve gone through here, there are still more aspects of this slot that could be covered. We can definitely recommend trying this powerhouse for yourself – as long as you’re not easily offended.

Kenneth Must Die is a slot that truly tests the boundaries, even by Nolimit City’s standards. The game is packed with controversial elements, from BDSM and secret affairs to dark humor, all set to an original pop soundtrack.

When it comes to the gameplay itself, it’s so innovative and action-packed that it can make your head spin. With everything from xWays, xSplit, and xNudge Wilds, to Big Balls Multiplier, Gimp, and Kinky Hookups on the reels, you might get a headache just thinking about how everything is designed to interconnect and combine.

Kenneth Must Die may not be for everyone, but with Nolimit at the helm and a wide range of groundbreaking features, it’s definitely one of the crazier games you can experience at the moment!



Developer: Nolimit City

RTP: 96,04%

Max win (x stake): 69,000x / 10,000x

Volatility: Very high

Layout: 5 x 2-4-4-4-2

Paylines: 480

Released: May 7, 2024